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Returning for the '21 - '22 School Year?  Make sure to call the main office, at 651-482-1524, during July 2021, to get added to the driving roster!  Deadline to call is Friday, 07/30/21.  We look forward to having you back for the new school year!

summer school

Have you signed up for summer school routes?  Please let Dispatch or the Office know if you would like summer school hours this year. We currently need both drivers and bus aides.

summer school sessions

2 Sessions for St. Paul:

  •      June 21 - July 16 (off July 5th)

  •      July 19 - August 12

1 Roseville Session only:

  •      June 21 - July 23 (off July 5th)

1 Achieve Session only:

  •      June 28 - July 29 (off July 5th)

1 Twin Cities Academy Session only:

  •      July 12 - August 12 (tentative)

DOT Clearing House Consent

As part of an annual process Centerline is now required to conduct, please go to the CDL Drivers Clearinghouse website at and login. Then consent to allow Centerline to query on your account. (You will see an option for this in a large box in the center of the page once you're logged in.) It is very fast and simple on the site.

Summer School Meeting

We will have our mandated Summer School meeting on Wednesday, 06/16/21, at 10am.  This is for all bus drivers, and aides, that will be working any of the Summer School sessions for St. Paul, Roseville, or a combination.  This exciting training meeting will be hosted in our large classroom attached to the main offices.

Referrals Welcomed

We are currently hiring both bus drivers and mechanics.  Please let Office Personnel or Dispatch know of potential candidates you're sending to us.  We are happy to have your recommendations.

Suggestions Welcomed

If you have suggestions for subjects or information you would like to see added to this "Employee Page", please share your ideas with MaryJo in the main office.  The goal is to provide helpful, informative news to all employees.

Please help us find great new people to hire and train as bus drivers or mechanics.


We would like to post a yard sign or two, in your yard near the street, advertising our open positions. Let us know if you live on or near a well-travelled area. Our yard signs have proven one of the best ways to attract attention, and bring in new people.  Please help us spread the word... We're Hiring!

See Ben or MaryJo



Your Summer

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An easy way to verify a school's schedule is our connection to current school calendars below.

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