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At Centerline, health and safety is always our first priority. Whether transporting passengers or taking necessary health precautions, Centerline is committed to maintaining a safe environment.

Below are ways Centerline keeps health and safety at the forefront of our work. 

Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitizing 

Vehicles are sanitized before beginning transportation routes. This preventative measure includes using EPA certified cleaners and disinfectants on high-touch areas. 

Hand Sanitizer

Employees are expected to wash and sanitize their hands not only before meals and after using restrooms, but also throughout the day. Sanitizing stations are placed throughout the terminal and dispatch offices. 

Preventing Disease Spreading

In order to prevent infectious diseases on vehicles, all passengers and drivers are asked to cover up when coughing and sneezing. This is accomplished by covering the mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve. Wastebaskets are also provided in every bus for disposal.  

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